Type 1400 Air filter / media Test Fixture

General Description.

A pneumatically operated clamping unit using adaptor plates to suit area or filter under test. Pressure drop tapings are incorporated with rapid fit connections (6mm o/d 4mm i/d).
The clamping is operated by a twin button system to keep operators fingers clear of clamping area. ( modified to your specifications if required).

Technical Specification.


360mm wide x 215mm deep x 550mm high (closed).


8.8 Kg.

Air Supply.

Clean, dry, oil-free (can be supplied from photometer).
3.5 to 7.0 bar. Regulator to control the clamping pressure plus restrictors on the ram inlets.

Test Area.

200 cm². Adaptor plates to suit 100 cm² and filters.

Test Flow.

Bi directional.
22 mm dia. tube at top of unit.
span style=”font-size: 15pt;”>22 mm dia. on left hand rear side of unit.

Manometer Tapings.

On left hand rear of unit and on top chamber, rapid fit connection to take 6/4 tube, for pressure drop.
Note! If tapings are not in use they must be sealed off.