Type 4000 Sodium Chloride Aerosol Generator

General Description.

This atomiser is used in the Type 1100 bench-mounting rig and is described in EN143. It is a compact unit, using a 1 litre commercially available glass jar (reservoir) and removable nozzle for easy maintenance.

A 0.5 litre jar (reservoir) for atomising small quantities of solutions as used in microbiology is also available.

Technical Specification.


230 high x 90 wide x 90 mm deep. [1.0 litre]
170 high x 90 wide x 90 mm deep. [0.5 litre]

Air Supply.

13 litres/min. @ 3.45 bar.

Aerosol Size.

Used with Na Cl solution 0.6 µm MMD using the longest diagonal.
(0.4µm MMD. measured aerodynamically), complying with EN143 EN13274-7.

Run Time.

6 hours per solution charge.


1% Na Cl 10g/l.

Solution Charge.

Approx: – 600 ml for 1.0 litre reservoir.
100 ml for 0.5 litre reservoir.


Certification by SFP Services prior to dispatch.