Type 7000 Sodium Chloride Aerosol Generator

General Description.

A compact and portable generator, producing a sub-micron aerosol by burning a “stick” of salt in an oxy-propane flame at a constant controlled rate.

Technical Specification.


245 wide x 150 high x 120 mm deep.


3.2 kgs. [excluding gas cylinders & regulators.]


Replaceable alkaline batteries {8 off AA size 1,5 volt.}

Gas Supply.

[Not supplied with unit.]
Oxygen and Propane.

Consumption: –

Oxygen 900 ml/min @ 15 psig; Propane 200 ml/min @ 15 psig.

Aerosol Range.

Variable up to 0.5 grams per minute.

Aerosol Size.

approx 0.21µm MMD.

Salt Stick Feed Rate.

Variable from 0.6-13mm/min.

Salt Stick Supply.

Available to order from SFP Services.
10 off 6mm dia.(1 pack.) supplied with unit.


Initial certification by SFP Services prior to despatch.
During service by SFP’s calibration service.